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In Daoist medicine, the five elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water provide the framework for well-being and healing. The system relies on the fundamental belief that if given a chance to function at its optimum level, our body, mind and spirit will be vibrant and robust. The reality of modern life means that the body is stressed from deficits in nutrition, breathing, hydration, rest and intimacy. We are rarely at our best, and we know it.

The way the five elements work in nature is mirrored in the way our bodies work. These elements and their corresponding meridians have specific roles to play in bringing good health. In this workshop, we will explore each of these five elements and their corresponding functions, characteristics and energies in Daoist medicine. We will practice sequences from qigong and yoga which energise the meridians, and which embody the qualities of these five elements. It will be a fun, warming, strengthening and restorative practice suitable for students of all levels, seniors and pregnant women.

The workshop will include:
– introduction to Five Element theory and the 14 meridians of energy in Daoist medicine
– standing qigong movements and yoga postures that feature twists, backbends, forward folds and side stretches
– breathing practices
– meditation

If you have specific conditions or injuries, please let us know in advance when you book your place.

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