• Ananda Cottages (map)
  • Ubud Main Road
  • Ubud, Bali, 80571
  • Indonesia

Peter Caughey will lead this 30 day Teacher training in Ubud, Bali and I will assist Peter offering studies on the Five Elements, Chinese medical theory and Nourishing Roots

Full Detail please see: www.petercaughey.com

From Peter Caughey

"There is no other course in the world offering this particular training and it is not only a Qigong Teacher Training but a vehicle in how to create a better life, one of connection, peace, stillness, fulfilment and contentment.

This 30 day retreat experience will revolutionise your life. Your life will not be the same afterwards and it will give you an awakened outlook on how you can live your life. A very different life, one without stress and worry, one without feeling disconnection and isolation, one without needing to fit into the world, and one of freedom.

During the 30 day retreat you will experience much more than just Qigong, it’s about our whole lives, our dreams, our aspirations, our journey, our adventures, our excitement, our hearts, our curiosity, our passions and our purpose in life. This retreat is about self growth and discovery. And this retreat is about creating and having a better life and learning the skills to pass that on to others."

As co-teacher to the full Qigong training, Cameron will present NOURISHING ROOTS as both a path to self empowerment which can also be applied as a prescription for well-being. All teachings are simple and easy to share.