• Mt Hutt Retreat (map)
  • 437 Hart Road
  • Mount Hutt, Canterbury, 7782
  • New Zealand

Spring is natures season to refresh, reset and revision our lives - a natural time for new beginnings. Join Cameron and special guest teacher Lou Warren - Yogini/chiropractor/TCM practitioner - to discover a simple prescription for well-being which nourishes Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Nourishing Roots retreat touches all levels, Mind - with frameworks to view and unfold ourselves, Body - with practices to feel ourselves, and sharing in Community with like minded mirrors to see ourselves.  Being able to see ourselves is the first step to being ourselves. Learning to relax in our body naturally steadies and centres the mind. From this deeply connected place we can engage with what’s most important to us and consciously steer our lives in more fortunate directions. 



In the Nourishing Our Roots journey we explore seven steps: Step 1 We look at Life as a journey emerging from the roots of our Source essence, Step 2 We look at how source essence is embodied in the deep ReservoirsStep 3 we explore how to enliven our lives through activating Free-FlowStep 4 We tune into how to stand in the world in full bodied PresenceStep 5 We look at ways to stay grounded in the body and our Earth.  Step 6 We examine how to consciously Nourish and Mother ourselves and our homes, Step 7 We contemplate how to Open Up let go to let come, to be conscious partners of the Universe.

Nourishing Our Roots is a path to healing - about letting go to let come. You will be guided into the enjoyment of opening to deep rest and finding how strength exists inside softening, yielding and surrendering as a way of partnering the Universe.

TESTIMONIAL from 'Power of Yin' participant - now named 'Nourishing Roots'

“With The Power of Yin Retreat (now called Nourishing Roots) my personal and professional life changed in a very positive way. 

As a doctor I had to do a lot of self reflection which is part of the curriculum of becoming a doctor in the Netherlands. Since we know that we can communicate and connect better with people/patients if we understand our own contribution to the interaction or conversation. 

During the retreat the exploration of my true self felt so much more complete, since I (re)connected with all the different aspects that make me who I am and what I truly believe. I believe the simple, logic 7 steps approach and by physically experiencing comfort, straining or hurt by the yoga exercises, the brain/the heart/the spirit and the body reconnect and tell you who you truly are and you get to understand this language.

Immediately after this retreat I could tell something had changed. I connected with my patients almost immediately. Where it sometimes took 10 minutes of digging and questioning before people showed me their true worries or fears,  now almost within a split second people would open up and showed me their emotions. And I didn't do a thing, it was all effortless. I figured that because I changed inside, my presence had changed, which was more inviting for my patients to show or share their vulnerability.

As I still experience how this positively works for me I can also share the tools that I have learned with my patients. This is of great value because a very large number of  patients experience stress related issues nowadays. With simple adjustments I have seen great changes with my patients.”

- Dr Morijntje Schroder 2018

Nourishing Roots MT HUTT