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From the moment of conception your Qi directs the growth, development and evolution of your life. The energy of life itself flows through your body creating meridians/energy pathways as your personal link to the Qi of the whole universe. Aligning with the free-flow of universal qi  - harmonises all movement in your world; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

In this Yoga teacher training program we explore how to know yourself as an energy being so you can drive your energy in the best way possible for YOU. We introduce how to energise and balance free-flows with traditional medical Yoga practices -  a fusion of Chinese and Indian medical systems. 

You will take home a clear understanding of how energy is produced, circulated, regulated and maintained in your body. During the training we use Traditional medical Yoga practices to re-establish energetic balance. You will also be introduced to how inherited, and/or conditioned emotional and mental patterning impacts the flow of energy in your life. We give you tools to help clear any inherited blocks and free yourself to be yourself. 

This training is about personal empowerment and you will take home tools to transform inherited and conditioned patterns of being which may be blocking the expression of the real you. Knowing how to access and flow from your deep energy systems can support you you to discover your inner courage and bring your gifts forward. You Being You is your greatest offering to life - give generously !

Viewing ourselves as energetic layers

Knowing ourselves as energy beings, gives us language for how our inner lives express through our physical, mental and emotional balance. When we have language to connect with how we feel,  we can begin to communicate and express the essence of our true nature.

We can also free up and transform old stuck energy which may be blocking our relationships and flow in life. When we are more aligned with the natural free-flow of our lives we discover the power of our courageous Hearts and inner sensations background JOY and happiness.

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