• Nyima Tashi Kagyu Buddhist Centre (map)
  • 30 Pollen Street
  • Auckland, Auckland, 1021
  • New Zealand

Are you compassionate towards animals? 
Does your compassion extend to other people, even those with differing opinons and actions?

Learning to feel and getting out of our judgmental mind gives us a better understanding of what is going on and how to deal with challenges and opinions. 

Learn mechanisms to improve your tolerance and patience. Understand the complexity and differences between sympathy, empathy and compassion.

Join Brian for a workshop where there will be theory and practice components as well as a time for connection, reflection and integration of the day's experience with discussion and questions.

This event will focus on energising all levels of experience, allowing us to see the habit patterns and the self-images connected to our everyday lives and how to shift from mindless and automatic actions to mindful living.

A day of sharing you will remember.


Prerequisite for this workshop is to be vegan due to the nature of the topics and discussions that will take place.

Investment of $55 (including a yummy vegan lunch).
Just bring yourself, comfy clothing and a water bottle.


About Brian Berneman:
Brian’s mission is to share a healing conversation to shift the current paradigm. 
Originally from Argentina, he had one of his most life-changing experiences studying Tibetan Buddhism, meditation and Yoga while living in a retreat center in California. 
His direct experience of living in a different way which encourages community, self-responsibility, respect, and compassion in action has inspired Brian to be a leader for new ways of being through connecting to Self and others. 

For further information: www.brianberneman.com