• Bream Head Getaway (map)
  • 310 Ocean Beach Road
  • Whangarei Heads, Northland, 0174
  • New Zealand

TO REGISTER FOR THIS 5 DAY RETREAT facilitated by Cameron Tukapua email: camerontukapua@youbeingyou.org


Listen to your Heart ... Follow your Heart ... Open your Heart

But how to do that when my head is so busy ?!

Touching all levels this 7 day teacher training retreat is perfect for leaders, healers, Yoga teachers, parents and others in helping professions. It offers practical instruction on how to teach the head to serve the Heart with body centred Yoga practices for aligning the head and Heart’s circulatory flows. Instinctively most people recognise that an Aligned head and Heart is power in balance. Interestingly science now also evidences how the electro-magnetic (energy) field of the Heart is 60 X stronger than the brain. * Reference: Heart Math Institute 

Drawing on a lifetime study of Chinese medicine, Yogic philosophies and the Four Fold Way - Cameron helps people recognise the language of the Heart and ways to engage our common points of unity to create genuine, connection to ourselves and others. The theoretical teachings are balanced with Tibetan Yoga practices which activate the free-flow functions of the internal organs to help reset the body’s natural harmonising functions. To restore and fill our reservoirs of energy we use Yoga Nidra to refresh the deep levels of our energy systems.

Cameron is a lifelong learner of cross-cultural anthropologist, Dr Angeles Arrien PhD, who developed the ‘Four Fold Way’ framework based on indigenous cultural wisdom. Indigenous cultures recognise that the Heart is the bridge between the worlds of the things we can see and touch and the invisible world of the subtle senses. In these cultures vulnerability is recognised as a sign of authenticity and as a healer and leader much of Cameron's work is helping people embrace and express all parts of themselves. ‘The Four Fold Way’ of being give us a clear lens for recognising the natural and contracted expressions of our authentic self.

Cameron’s personal re-frame of these teachings focus on how to develop ‘grounded presence’ and a ‘strong heart’. The Yoga practices which accompany these teachings help deepen our ability to feel and sense body sensation and develop conscious awareness of the power of our presence. In Tibetan Yoga we engage simple practices to open the connections between the head and Heart which can physically support speaking up. Learning how to ‘speak with unarmed truth’ and ‘open to not knowing’ is a Heart awakening path which can touch all levels of our lives. 

“At this stage of my career I’m passionate about supporting others to lead, heal, teach and share traditional wisdom on creating and maintaining authentic relationships with ourselves and others. This is a lifelong enquiry for me and retreats are a joyous powerful way to share, connect, learn and heal”

The Heart’s awareness is like a light in darkness, it helps us see. Aligning the head & Heart tunes us in to universal knowing and gives us the courage to live expanded lives aligned with our truth.

Daily Schedule:

Before 9am Breakfast available

9.30 - 12.30 Class & Tibetan Yoga practice

12.30 - 4.30 Lunch followed by free time

4.30 - 6.00 Yoga Nidra practice

6.30 - 7.30  Dinner

7.30 - 8.30 Talking circle

Limited to 10 participants, this 7 day immersion experience touches all levels. We all know when we are ON or OFF in our lives and this knowing is sensed by the Heart. Discover simple world views which help you presence yourself in life as part of an interconnected energy system. 

Cost:$2250 Private room. $1899 per person for Queen or Twin share. Whole package price includes: Delicious vegetarian meals, 7 days facilitation, Accommodation including access to spa bath, wood burning sauna and night time bush kiwi listening

To register email: camerontukapua@youbeingyou.org