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  • New Zealand

You Being You is your greatest offering to life. On this retreat we explore our relationship to life as an interconnected whole by looking for goodness, truth and beauty in ourselves and others. On this journey we also take a soft gaze at the shadow side of our authentic Self.

Inspired by the Four Fold Ways of Angeles Arrien PHD, we explore 4 universal archetypes:

Grounded Presence: The Way of the Warrior - To Show Up and Be Present

Strong Heart: The Way of the Healer -To Pay Attention to What has Heart and Meaning

Unarmed Truth: The Way of the Visionary - To Tell the Truth without Blame or Judgement

Open to Not Knowing: The Way of the Teacher - To Be Open Not Attached to Outcome

Archetypes refer to universal patterns of being common to all. Looking at the balanced and under expressed qualities of these archetypes offer us a simple lens to engage the best of ourselves and others. Learning to be and express our authentic Self by engaging our ‘common points of unity’ is the focus of this retreat. Shining light into the shadows helps reveal a view of the contracted Self which can help us embrace, understand and transform our life negating habits. Participants will learn the process of tracking using the archetypes to help co-create and steer a clear path in life, for self and others.

Cameron is a lifelong learner of cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien who passed away in 2014. Angeles left a rich legacy of cross-culturally researched frameworks which are powerful foundations for professional development training. As a healer-teacher-leader Cameron's lifelong focus has been learning how to embrace and express true nature. This individual enquiry is the foundation for her facilitation training, a process which teaches through modelling genuine connection to Self and other. The four ways are a pathway to authentic expression through the engagement of grounded presence, strong heart, unarmed truth and being open to ‘not knowing’

Learning process will include interactive sharing on Four Fold Way teachings, standing, sitting, walking meditation and late afternoon lying down using restorative Yoga practices to refresh all levels. Evening sharing circles will follow dinner, engaging the wisdom of the group mind to help integrate the teachings. Schedule allows for afternoon free time in nature for guided self-reflection. Maximum 6 participants.

WHO FOR ? Therapists, teachers, healers, leaders, parents, Yogis and people who help others in learning and healing processes of any kind.

Registration by application. Please email for further details. Thank you