The "Find Your Place" gatherings bring people together to discuss and share ancient wisdom teachings on how to see our place in the universe and how to navigate life changes.

We explore how we live in three worlds, one that we can see and touch - the physical world, one that is invisible and unites all people - the spiritual world, and the one in between where we live our human journeys of change and evolution.

Our focus is threefold

Introduce how to observe and integrate the body-mind-spirit from Chinese medical and indigenous cultural traditions

Offer the abc of mental well-being education, with body centred meditation practices for connecting body-mind

Explore how our Hearts are the link between the worlds and how to stay heart connected - introduce what modern Science says about the Power of the Heart.

Take away simple tools for supporting yourself to live a more authentic life, practice being in the present and attuning to the knowing that lives inside you.