• Queenstown
  • New Zealand

A weekend of wisdom teachings for all ages and stages. Beginning with young people age 7 up … we will journey through a 4 day program offering a range of individual events - come to one or more exploring: how to be present, balance the body mind, and engage Heart to Heart.

Check out Yin Medicine Academy facebook page for details, or download this flier for more info and registration details. Please share if you are willing … Thanks :)

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For years now I’ve felt a deep call to stand up and share what i know about mental well-being. Like many of us when the task seems rather large, I wasn’t sure ‘how’ . In September 2018 our nations Prime Minister Minister Jacinda Adern spoke to the United Nations General Assembly and took the bold step of suggesting we needed our shift our focus away from complexity and back to simplicity. I concur … and this is what gave me the courage to step up. Our social problems seem large and yet the solutions are simple, and within reach of us all. That’s what the weekend well-being courses are about. Come and discover what you can do to help your neighbours, friends and family … and while you at it help yourself feel good :)

Below is an extract from Jacinda’s United Nations speech in September 2018.

“ Perhaps then it is time to step back from the chaos and ask what we want. It is in that space that we'll find simplicity. The simplicity of peace, of prosperity, of fairness. If I could distil it down into one concept that we are pursuing in New Zealand it is simple and it is this.  Kindness. “