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  • 16 Reotahi Road
  • Whangarei Heads, Northland, 0174
  • New Zealand

TO REGISTER FOR THIS 5 DAY RETREAT select dates to suit within available date range and go to http://whyretreat.com/nourishing-roots-retreat/

5 Nights - 5 day Retreat - This retreat facilitated by Cameron Tukapua is for 5 nights and 5 days, starting Thursdays ending Tuesdays. You can select dates to suit you between June 21 to August 23. Venue details www.whyretreat.com 

Nourishing Our Roots is an exploration of our Yin essence - our feminine power which expresses through our inner life and energy. The Yoga focus of this retreat will include active morning yoga which takes the energy form the organs out to the extremities, balanced by afternoon restorative practices which bring energy back to the core, which can help rejuvenate and refresh the organ systems. 

Generally people do not have sufficient language for expressing what we feel and sense inside, even though our instinctual wisdom is all the time attempting to guide us in our lives. On this retreat we look at how the roots of our being are formed and shaped throughout our lives by a combination of inherited influences and daily choices.You will be shown how to recognise your root energy as an invisible hidden power, a Yin energy which is something to tap into and awaken through conscious intent. Like the subtle pull of the moon, Yin energy is receptive, magnetic and potent by its quality of being. In contrast, Yang, like the sun is an active, doing, outgoing masculine energy.

Roots or Yin power is a feminine power which is awakening across the world right now and in this retreat you will engage with body centred teachings which can help you awaken your feminine power through conscious intent. Through guided reflection, active and restorative Yoga practices you can learn to access your deeper knowing and body intelligence. 

Restorative Yoga Learning to nourish our roots is about restoring the reservoirs of Yin which includes our essence, blood and body fluids. As we refresh our true essence we can gather the power and energy we need to flow with our larger life possibilities. When the volume of Yin is strong in our bodies, like a river full of water, the propelling action of the current can more easily transform blocks on our path to nourish the unfolding of our destiny.


In the Nourishing Our Roots journey we explore seven steps: Step 1 We look at Life as a journey emerging from the roots of our Source essence, Step 2 We look at how source essence is embodied in the deep Reservoirs, Step 3 we explore how to enliven our lives through activating free-Flow, Step 4 We tune into how to build strength through full bodied Presence, Step 5 We look at ways to be grounded in the Earth Step 6 We examine how to nourish and Mother ourselves and our homes, Step 7 We contemplate how to Open Up let go to let come to be partners of the Universe.

Nourishing Our Roots is a path to healing - about letting go to let come. You will be guided into the enjoyment of opening to deep rest and finding how strength that emerges with softening, yielding and surrendering as a way of being.

TESTIMONIAL from 'Power of Yin' participant - now newly named 'Nourishing Our Roots' 

"I met Cameron back in July 2017 as I was in a one of those beautifully challenging times in life … mid-life working out what I want … kids, the current relationship I was in, family relationships, the job that was zapping me and general life questions that come up for us all! 

I had been on a journey of focused self-discovery specifically in the last few years on so many levels – emotional, mental, spiritual. So I felt very grateful and blessed. Then a recommendation from a friend, to see Cameron helped me catapult even further on my journey on a quicker and clearer track. Cameron’s 1 on 1 sessions were very moving for me each time and they consisted of talking, remedies, acupunture, tarot readings and more talking! I also attended her Power of Yin retreat and the You Beautiful You retreat . Both were so powerful for me, but very particularly the Power of Yin. I learnt and experienced so much and even more once I left the retreat.

Cameron’s conversations, energy, vibrancy and wisdom not only helped me work out these questions (and I will continue to do so) but also the tools to stand up, speak up, create my story and connection with self, others and the universe.I will continue to reach out to Cameron for her wonderful personality, energy, wisdom and support as I continue on my never-ending learning and growing journey. I would certainly recommend you to do so to."

Rose Hewitt, Learning & Organisational Development Consultant, somewhere near the surf in NZ.



5 nights accommodation: Breakfast and lunch food will be provided for self-catering and a delicious vegetarian dinner will be prepared for a shared evening meal.

PROGRAM: Thursday 4pm arrival and settle in with shared evening meal at 6pm for informal meeting of retreat participants. 8pm a guided Yoga Nidra sets the tone for a week of deep rest and letting go.

Friday – Monday daytime schedule

Breakfast.  9.30 Morning teachings on the 7 Steps, Kum Nye Yoga with introduction to reflections on Nourishing Roots. 12.30 Lunch is followed by free time. 5pm Restorative Yoga.  6pm shared evening meal and discussion on days teachings

**Note some variations to exact timings will occur 

Tuesday: Breakfast. 9.30 Summary of teachings and closing circle. Check out 12 noon.

Cost: $1199 per person queen/twin share, $1549 private room