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The Power of Yin is an exploration of feminine power as it expresses through our inner life and energy. Like the subtle pull of the moon, Yin energy is receptive, magnetic and potent by its quality of being. In contrast, Yang, like the sun is an active, doing, outgoing masculine energy.

Yin power is a feminine power which is awakening across the world right now. As Yoga teachers we have the opportunity to directly encourage this movement through sharing restorative practices and teachings on how to find FLOW. Helping ourselves and others refresh our true energy helps gather the power we need to flow with our larger life possibilities. When the volume of Yin is strong in our bodies, like a river full of water, the propelling action of the current can more easily transform blocks on our path to nourish the unfolding of our destiny.

Revealing a life of purpose and meaning and showing up to what life is offering, is a day by day step by step journey - there is no magic door ! Through the teachings of Yoga we can assist others to find their centre and unfold life from the inside out.

TESTIMONIAL Drawing from a rich background of clinical acupuncture practice, committed Yoga practice and personal development training, Cameron Tukapua's presentations are uniquely original. She invites her students to both understand and embrace their humanity while aspiring to a higher insight.

Cameron brings a lightness of heart to her work, infusing her talks and seminars with humor, while ingeniously offering a razor-sharp perspective that encourages participants to recommit to their own personal vision.

– Donna Farhi, International Yoga teacher trainer, and author of "Bringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living”

Seven Steps

In the Power of Yin journey we introduce seven steps to help us engage feminine power coupled with specific Restorative practices.

Step 1 We look at Life as a journey emerging from the Source essence, step 2 embodied in the deep Reservoirs, step 3 enlivened by the power of Flow, step 4 revealed through the strength of Presence, step 5 grounded in the Earth step 6 nourished by how we Mother ourselves and hold sacred space at home, step 7 partnered by ‘Great Mystery’

JOIN US for this interactive learning experience designed to juice your roots and open your view of the application of Yin style Yoga practice.