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  • New Zealand

Bringing to light our goodness, truth and beauty with a soft gaze at the shadow side of authentic Self.

Inspired by the Four Fold Ways of Angeles Arrien we explore 4 universal archetypes:

Grounded Presence: The Warrior

Strong Heart: The Healer

Unarmed Truth: The Visionary

Partnering Mystery: The Teacher

Looking at the balanced and under expressed patterning of these archetypes offer us a simple lens to engage the best of ourselves and others.
Shining light into the shadows helps reveal a view of the contracted Self which can help us embrace, understand & transform life negating habits.

Cameron is a lifelong learner of cross-cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien who passed away in 2014. Generally Indigenous cultures recognise vulnerability as a sign of strength, and as a healer much of Cameron's work is helping people embrace and express all parts of themselves. These four ways of being show us how to be authentic through the engagement of grounded presence, strong heart, unarmed truth and being open to ‘not knowing’.

When Angeles died Cameron had a dream it was time for her to step up as a teacher and leader  “At this stage of my career I’m passionate about supporting others to lead, heal, teach and share traditional wisdom on creating and maintaining authentic relationships with ourselves and others. My focus is to partner with others who can help bring these amazing teachings into the mainstream worlds of healthcare, business, education”.

Join our gathering and share with others in these archetypal journeys to explore where you stand, what strengthens you, how to tell the truth without blaming, while staying open to not knowing.

Exchange:$550 Including: Meals, facilitation, accommodation

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