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Four individual talks with simple body-mind stretching practices.


In Traditional Chinese medicine the heart is the Ruler of the mind and overall awareness. It is also the doorway to Love, Joy and Happiness. Join us to discover practical guidance for opening the heart to strengthen the expression of your true nature.

LIVING WITH HEART - Listen to your Heart

Modern science can now prove what traditional Chinese medicine has always known. The energy field of the Heart is measured as 60 X stronger than the brain, it is the true ruler of our lives. Learn 4 simple ways to listen to the Qi of your own inner knowing.

LIVING WITH HEART - Speak from Your Heart

Connected to the knowing of the Heart gives us the courage to share our true Self with others. Speaking from the Heart builds confidence and supports us to create genuine loving relationships Learning to tell the truth without judgment naturally creates closer connections with others.

LIVING WITH HEART - Love from Your Heart

Most of us have not been given a guidebook on how to create genuine relationships. In this session we explore the 6 different kinds of love we experience in everyday life. Using these reference points we can judge how to be appropriate in our expressions of love.

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