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The meridians (Jing Luo) embody the fusion of heaven and earth as circulatory flows of energy infused in the blood and yin. These circulatory flows are formed as deep channels (Jing) and more superficial collaterals (Luo) which enliven and connect all the body tissues and parts.The distribution of the meridians provide an anatomical map which explains our inner and outer world connections. The meridian functions explain how energy is gathered, transformed, circulated, regulated, harmonised and sustained.

The Jing Luo are humankind’s expression of the lakes, rivers, seas and streams of nature. Like rain which falls to the earth, they receive the invisible life force of heaven (Qi-energy) which infuses as the Earth of the physical body. The meridians are the meeting ground which bridge the worlds of the visible - physical body, and the invisible - inner world of energy manifesting as thoughts, emotions and feeling sensations.

Understanding the meridian functions and distribution helps us understand the dynamics of the whole energy body.


Being in flow with our lives is dependent on the free-flowing of our circulatory systems. When our body is relaxed and flowing with energy, the regulation of our emotions, thoughts and attitudes to life maintain a lightness of being. From this place we can adjust to the many changes life presents and transform with the shifts of our lives. Blockages in the meridians can cause heaviness, constriction and feelings of oppression in the energy body. This can manifest as sensations of tightness, numbness, pain and disturbed emotions and thoughts.

In Chinese medicine, health is defined as “the ability to adapt to change”. In optimum health our energy flows are constantly adjusting, to balance inner and outer environments. Imbalanced outer environments e.g. the presence of too many toxins such as chemical, emotional or air pollutants can upload into the body, challenging the bodies ability to free-flow. Like having excess pressure in a hose, too much pressure on the energy systems can cause blocks to develop. Like a river with a dam, feelings of pressure can build up across time and affect all levels. Similarly the feeling of not having enough energy, which can happen when connections are not strong, can leave us feeling low in spirit and weak in the body-mind.


Increasingly today, people from all sectors of society are affected by “stress overload” and generalised exhaustion. These states of overload can cause the equivalent of blown fuses which manifest as varieties of weird disconnected symptoms. Sometimes the pressures of life and bad vibes can cause energetic disturbances to “upload" and knot and dam the en-ergy systems. Irregular lifestyles, poor diet, violent atmospheres, emotional stress and overwhelm by life’s happening are common in today’s fast changing world. Free-flowing the meridians is a baseline remedy for well-being and helpful for most conditions.


In this workshop we provide Chinese medical views of energy production, maintenance and regulation. We offer explanations for understanding how blocks to the flows develop, and Kum Nye Yoga practices to restore the free-flow. You will learn to see why Yin Yoga aims to restore energy by accessing meridian flow.


Tibetan Yoga practice directly accesses and promotes the free flowing energy of the me-ridians. Using a combination of breath, posture and simple movement exercises we open the space for the natural energy to flow. In this workshop we will use practices which bal-ance and regulate the flow of energy from the internal organs to the extremities. This an-cient movement and breath based practice called Kum Nye Yoga is a fusion of Tibetan, Indian and Chinese healing systems.The practices involve slowing down and holding positions in sitting and standing forms.


Cameron Tukapua - Chinese medicine practitioner

Cameron has been studying, practicing and teaching acupuncture for 3 decades. “For over 10 years I have been working almost exclusively with meridian clearing treatments as the focus of my healing practice. I have seen great benefits of free flowing the meridians as the baseline approach for helping most disharmonies. What I’ve observed is Yoga practice opens the flow of prana - it can also energize blocks! A recent discovery which has been powerfully transformational in my life, is Kum Nye - Tibetan Yoga. This practice can most directly access and clear the meridian systems. Kum Nye is easy to practice and helpful to help people de-stress from modern day lifestyles.

Brian Berneman is a practitioner of Kum Nye relaxation - a branch of Tibetan Yoga.

Brian aims to help people find ways to connect with their inner resources, to grow, develop, change and lead a more balanced and meaningful life. As a learning facilitator he encourages people to see how our mindsets dictate our experience.

Cameron and Brian offer their combined skills and knowledge to bring to life a practical approach to energizing and balancing the meridians. You will discover the mechanisms that cause energy to dam and form long standing blocks. Take home simple practices for re-connecting to free-flowing the energy systems which you can readily share with others.

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WHEN: Saturday 18 May 10.00am - 5.00pm.

WHERE: One Heart Yoga, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne

ENQUIRIES: Kerry Mc Gregor 0449 157-252 www.koruyoga.com

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