• Yoga Essence Centre (map)
  • 63a Birkenhead Ave
  • Auckland, Auckland, 0626
  • New Zealand

Fee: NZ $50

This afternoon will be FUN - a light hearted engagement of all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Come - join us and bring your friends - your support will help fuel the creation of the first You Being You online courses on "What You Don't learn At School - the language of energy"

The four sessions include chanting - sounding practices to open and uplift the heart, satsang - sharing ancient wisdom teachings to contemplate their relevance to your life, Kum Nye - Tibetan moving meditation to open and clear our circulatory pathways and Five Rhythms dance for dropping directly into Heart alive grounded-being body movement. 

The facilitators are Cameron Tukapua, Brian Berneman, Sacha Paddy and Neal Gholash. 

Check out the flier.

Join us to share this healing conversation. We can all be healers. Together we can help many.