• Whangarei Heads Yoga Retreat (map)
  • 16 Reotahi Road
  • Whangarei Heads, Northland, 0174
  • New Zealand

Fee: NZ $95 - book on whyretreat.com

Instinctively we know the Heart is the home of love joy & happiness. Becoming centered in the heart is something we can all learn to do.

Like the sun in the sky the heart can help us see what is most important in our lives. By attuning to what has heart and meaning, we become more available to our innate wisdom.

This one day workshop focuses on teachings & practices to attune us to understand our energy and feelings.

Brian Berneman is a practioner of Kum Nye relaxation - a branch of Tibetan Yoga. Using simple breath based movement practices you will learn to enliven the Heart, body and mind.

Brian aims to help people find ways to connect with their inner resources, grow, develop, change and lead a more balanced and meaningful life.

As a learning facilitator he encourages people to see how our mindsets dictate our experience.

This event will focus on energising all levels of experience, allow us to see the habit patterns and the self-images connected to our every day lives and how to shift from indirect to direct experience (from the head to the heart).

A day of sharing you will remember.

To register please visit: whyretreat.com/heart-centered-living-workshop-and-retreat/