• Whangarei Heads Yoga (map)
  • 16 Reotahi Road
  • Whangarei Heads, Northland, 0174
  • New Zealand

Fee: NZ $95 - book on whyretreat.com

Instinctively we know the Heart is the home of love joy & happiness. Becoming centered in the heart is something we can all learn to do.

Like the sun in the sky the heart can help us see what is most important in our lives. The Heart is guided by the wisdom of our souls knowing, the part of ourselves that helps us steer our way in life.

This one day workshop awakens holistic seeing and soulful knowing.

Cameron Tukapua is a Chinese medicine practitioner. She helps people reconnect to Heartfelt knowing by awakening to deep dreams and yearnings. Connect with your own best teacher - YOU.

Brian Berneman is a practitioner of Kum Nye - Tibetan Yoga. Using breath based movement practices learn to free-flow your energy, and expand awareness of the space around you to grow your presence.

Spring is nature’s season for renewal - a time to connect and/or recommit to your own personal visions. Take this time for yourself to dream, to vision and envision. Group energy catalyses this process. An experience you will remember.

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To register please visit: whyretreat.com/heart-centered-living-workshop-and-retreat/