Step 6 – Nourishing the Roots


Cameron’s introduction

The sixth steps of the Roots journey is where we pull it all together by looking at the relevance of these principles of self-nourishment as a whole. Taking care of ourselves is easier when we understand how to factor our individual constitution and how to fuel our baseline energy.


Getting to know our inside selves is a lifetime journey. Knowing how to nurture the essence of who we are empowers us to activate our potential from the roots up. Learning to listen to our bone deep knowing is easier when we have a map for the journey. In Zoes story we can see how this structured 7 step pathway has been used to navigate her way back to her true self.


My motivation for creating this course was to articulate the basic principles from Chinese medical teaching which have helped me and hundreds of others heal and transform. At this time in our collective human history more and more people are waking up to self care as the new health care. The Nourishing Roots pathway provides a map for the journey and practical instruction on anchoring in true nature.


I’m super grateful to Zoe and the other Roots participants for sharing their stories which are showing the way for others. We can all help each other to grow and transform which is the purpose of these offerings - to empower people by offering language and frameworks for helping themselves.


THANK YOU Zoe for your generous and Heartfelt sharing !



Zoe’s story on Nourishing the Roots

I see step 6 is all about being the nurturing mother … to myself. So this is about knowing myself and what I can do to bring out the best in me – as well as what it is that stops being my best. There are three components to this step, my physical form, revisiting and connecting again and deeper to the four bones (as in step 1 – source power), and my personal medicine.

For me, understanding and applying what I physically need is HUGE in how I feel, be, and respond (or react – if I’m not looking after myself). This means knowing the foods, how much and when I need to consume them to give me the energy to show up as my best every day. This is also about listening to my body, as I’ve noticed in the last year or so, how I fuel my body is changing as I move into my late 30s, and I’m not talking about how I look or my weight – but what foods and rhythms I require to give me the best energy for my body.  I am a highly active individual that requires my down time and clearing out of others energy every day. I do know when I am out of balance – the best thing is for me to look at what my energy is like – too buzzy or too low – and then the foods and physical activity I’m doing.  Sometimes it’s that I need more activity to burn off energy and sometimes I need to be still and meditate or do yoga to quieten my body (and mind). Interestingly, Luke was a wonderful strength for me in relation to this. He had extensive knowledge on nutrition and fueling the body with the right foods and liquids and was a real rock for me on keeping me on track physically when I was out of sorts. He was a wonderful nurturer in that way and looking back now it does not surprise me that after we broke up and I didn’t have that nurturing strength beside me I waivered a fair bit in relation to looking after my physical self. So, this just then required more energy and strength to do this for myself or when I didn’t have this strength, lean on those around me that did.

The second aspect to step 6, is the four bones, which are:  funny (humour, fun), back (standing up and in power), wish (hopes, dreams), and hollow (my calling). Being reminded of these bones and their meanings in relation to the 2nd last step, for me it shows not to take myself too seriously or get too serious about the pain and heartache that I have gone through and am going through. For me, it is more about looking at in a way that it’s not that the pain and heartache didn’t exist, it’s more that it no longer controls me or holds me back from standing up and being comfortable in my own skin and following my hopes, dreams and calling.

The final component to step 6 is personal medicine – or what it is that juices me up. This is what juices me up generally but particularly when I am in a pickle, a time of despair or I’m spinning. I know for me I need sleep, rest, good food and eating habits. I also know that I need to spend time with some key people, get active in my favourite hobbies and reflect and learn from what is going on and how I’m feeling.


Question for Nourishing Roots – What’s calling you ? If you don't know keep asking and pay attention to your day dreams ie that you are always thinking about

Where in my life do I get attached to knowing the outcome and insisting it’s the right one ! Where do I need to loosen up, stop taking myself so seriously and let go ?

There are two questions that I was drawn to for step 6. I feel that what is calling me is to be open, honest, authentic and talk about the vulnerabilities in my life - our lives – and that this is part of living.I believe without talking about it, we are perpetuating some of the issues / challenges that we have at home, within our families, communities and globally. The reason why I selected the second question is I feel that I can get attached to this calling and I can’t comprehend why everyone isn’t doing this?! So, I get disappointed and annoyed at others that do not share and seek understanding to heal or re-learn healthier behaviours. Whether this be that they have had DV experiences or other vulnerabilities that they keep hidden/away from others or are embarrassed to talk about it. However, I know when I feel this, I can remind myself this is MY view only, and I have no control and little influence over others and it’s purely up to them. I also remind myself, that 12 months ago, there is no way I could imagine that I would be talking about my DV situation with anyone other than Luke, two dear friends and a counsellor, let alone writing a story about it that is being shared as part of Cameron’s programme.